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Is It Safe To Pressure Wash My Roof?

Your roof will build up many unwanted particles such as moss and algae. You may be tempted to pressure wash your roof, however you may want to consider structural damages that can come along with it. We advise not to pressure wash your roof and provide the information on the best method of cleaning your roof.

Why I Can’t Pressure Wash My Roof

It’s dangerous. Taking care of your own safety while your roof's safety are stresses you won’t want to juggle with. Additionally, pressure washing your roof will cause damage such as shingles coming apart, tears on your roof, and can simply damage it all around. High powered pressure washers are just not advisable for your roof.

Soft Wash Instead

Remove the pressure and use a soft wash method. We recommend using soft washing to remove contaminants at a very light psi rate. It will take time for the moss or algae to come off but it will be released almost naturally without any damage. Before you soft wash your roof, be sure to use it on asphalt shingles. And hire a professional to do so. A professional pressure washer can make sure that the job is done safely and thoroughly.

Contact Top Shine Pressure Washing

Contact the professional soft washing experts to have your roof looking new again. If you have any questions, please do give us a call at (954) 870 - 1741 or fill out a form here. We are more than happy to help you schedule a soft washing appointment.

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