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Should You Sealcoat Around Your Home?

The home's exterior is the first and last thing visitors will notice about your home and the only thing passersby will see. It's easy to get caught up in the landscaping and completely forget that the driveway is one of the most noticeable features of all homes.

When neglected, the pavement around the house can deteriorate because of several factors. Over time harsh weather and sunlight, mixed with the weight of cars, can cause pavement to crack and erode, making room for weeds and plants to grow through. The unsightly concerns don't stop there. Regular debris and contaminants can build up and can stain your driveway being hard to get rid of.

Driveway sealing is the most effective way to prevent all this damage; all while boosting your property value and homeowner pride at the same time.

Prevent Future Damage

The primary concern that blacktop sealcoating addresses is preventing damage to your driveway and other pavement portions around your property. There are several types of damage that sealcoating can prevent:

  • Cracking

  • Staining

  • Plant growth

  • Mold growth

  • Oxidation

  • Erosion

  • UV damage

The creation and appearance of cracks in your driveway can be an eyesore and break apart even more if not treated. Cracking can be caused by weight or even concrete shrinkage due to high temperatures. Sealcoating acts as an added layer of structure by holding the surface together.

The sealcoat on top will bond to the surface of the driveway and prevent the appearance of these minor cracks. Concrete and asphalt can become brittle and break easily because of the lack of flexibility, sealcoat on the other hand, is a flexible top layer with the proper amount of give to not crack as easily.

Beyond the structural benefits of driveway sealing, it also acts as a barrier that can repel corrosive and harmful substances.

Sealing your driveway and the surrounding pavement can protect them from harsh and extreme weather conditions. Water rolls off the surface of a seal coat instead of soaking into the concrete or sitting for long periods and providing a breeding ground for plants and mildew.

More potent contaminants like grease and oil are also protected against by the barrier that sealing creates. Even the sun's harmful UV rays can't penetrate the top layer of sealant and damage the vulnerable pavement underneath.

Sealcoating is an effective treatment for protecting your driveway and surrounding pavement from expensive damage, all while making it look beautiful.

Boost Your Home's Value

The impressions formed about your home and its value will develop quickly when people view the outside. That impression can have a significant impact on your home value. While the inside is essential to maintain, the exterior is the first point of visual contact.

Sealcoating is a protective barrier, but it can also give the pavement a uniformity that is far easier to clean and harder to get dirty than an unsealed driveway.

If you're looking to boost the value of your home and impress the neighborhood, driveway sealcoating is a simple and effective step. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, a study was conducted to see the effect of curb appeal on property values.

They wrote, "on average, a home with excellent curb appeal sold for 7% more than a similar house in the same neighborhood with poor curb appeal. In slow real-estate markets (when buyers can afford to be choosier), that premium rose to as high as 14%."

For example, based on the study's findings, a property valued at $400,000 could sell for $28,000-$56,000 more based on the look of the exterior.

Investing in the preventative and cosmetic effect that driveway sealcoating has can result in a much bigger payoff down the road by increasing your home's value.

You Can Seal More Than Your Driveway

Concrete sealing companies offer a range of services and products to meet the needs of your property. Not all homes are the same, and sealcoating services reflect that.

Several homes have driveways that are brick, paver, concrete, asphalt, and so on. The popular black driveway sealcoating is just one of many options. Clear sealcoating solutions can offer many of the same benefits while preserving the beautiful look for your brick and stone areas.

Patios and decks can be sealed and treated to protect against damage and stay looking their best for every family barbeque.

Walkways around your home can be a beautiful feature when adequately maintained. And due to the nature of the material, brick and stone pavers have some pros and cons regarding upkeep. The surface consists of separate pieces which means it can shape itself to the environment over time, but these gaps create room for moss and weeds to grow through.

The overgrowth can quickly become hard to handle, and the walkways get dirty quickly because they are high traffic and vulnerable to weather conditions. When sealed, the beautiful look of brick and pavers can shine through without sacrificing protection against damage and growth.

The driveways and walkways around homes can be made from many different materials. Sealcoating can work with all kinds of surfaces to give your home added protection and curb appeal, regardless of material.

Driveway Sealing Services Can Protect Your Home and Increase Its Value

Your home is an extension of who you are, so make sure to give it the proper treatment. HomeAdvisor considers sealcoating an "easy and cost-effective way to protect and prolong the life of your driveway."

Keeping your property cleaned and maintained with a routine pressure washing service to clean up is essential for its upkeep. Similarly, using a driveway sealcoating company to preserve that clean surface is a significant way to prevent damage and keep your home looking great.

Aside from the safety of your home, its value will shoot up when your driveway, walkways, and decks look brand-new all year long. Having all these surfaces sealed means you can rest easy knowing that they aren't being overrun with mold and weed growth that you have to deal with.

Hiring a driveway sealcoating service is an investment in the future of your home. The small amount you pay for this protective and cosmetic service will pay off in the hours you don't have to spend cleaning it, the dollars you don't have to spend repairing it, and the money you make from the increase in your property value.

Contact Top Shine Pressure Washing

At Top Shine, we know the best exterior treatments and cleaning. We're the experts to have your home looking new again. Please give us a call at (954) 870 - 1741 or fill out a form here if you need a patio cleaned and sealed to get ready for a backyard barbeque or any pressure washing and sealcoating treatment to make your home safe and beautiful. We are more than happy to help you schedule an appointment. Visit our website to learn more about our pressure cleaning services.

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